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1) Attend class every day. Each day builds on the previous day's skills. It is very difficult to catch up after falling behind.

2) Be in your seat when the bell rings and be quiet without being told. Have your notebook and homework out, ready for discussion. Sharpen pencils before the bell rings. All work assigned for turn-in should be done in pencil.

3) If you are absent from any class session, you need to visit your teachers on the day between classes to pick up assignments. Homework assignments are also posted on this website. School policy allows the number of days absent plus 1 additional day to make up work. In cases of extended illness, this policy will be modified as needed.

4) ABSENCE/QUIZ POLICY - If you are absent for any reason during the class session before a test or quiz, you will still be expected to test as scheduled. If you are absent due to illness for more than one class session, you will be allowed to test at a later date. If you are absent for any other reason (appointment, school activity, etc.) for more than one class session, you will be expected to test as scheduled.

5)If you start to have difficulty with the material, take action. Acting quickly will be the easiest way to fix a problem without damaging your grade. Call me at 659-5167 or email to

6) TEST RETAKE POLICY - If you receive a grade of D or F on a test/quiz, you may take the following actions to improve the score:

Visit me to review the test/quiz. This can be done before or after school. You will be given a retake test/quiz ASAP. Highest grade possible is a B.

The retake score will replace the original score. Each student is allowed 1 retake per semester.

7) Please do not ask to leave the classroom. Do not sit on the heater, do not write on desks. Do not bring food to class.

8) Work quietly at your seat when time is given. When work time occurs near the end of a period, keep working until the bell rings.


Grading Scale

100 - 90%___A

89 - 80%___B

79 - 70%___C

69 - 60%___D

59 - 00%___F

Quarter grades will be based on a combination of test/quiz scores and homework. The majority of the grade depends on test/quiz performance.

Semester grades will be based on a combination of quarter grades and the semester test.

10) A quiz or test will be given approximately every third block. This will vary, but it's roughly once a week.

11) HOMEWORK - The homework grade will consist of:

a) Homework quiz - 1 to 4 questions from the assigned work, turned in at the beginning of class.

b) General homework (walk-through) - Graded on a 3 point scale: Excellent(3), Good(2), Poor(1) Not done(0).

c) Practice turn-ins (PTI) - Additional work assigned for turn in.

12) Keep a detailed notebook. Careful note taking and regular study are required for success in this class. Developing a study routine for the remainder of the school year will pay off in the end.

Fall 2009 Powerpoints from Class:Alg. 2 Guidelines and Class Expectations

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