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Pre Calculus Project

due date : 12/17/2004

Instead of having a semester test, I would like you to develop a project on some topic of mathematical interest. The project is meant to be creative and can be developed in a number of ways:

1. Create a website.

2. Create a PowerPoint or Mpower presentation.

3. Conduct research on some topic and write a paper. (2-3 pages)

4. Read a book and prepare a book report. (2-3 pages)

5. Come up with another idea that I would approve.

The goal of the project is to learn something interesting about a new topic in math. Each student will be presenting his/her ideas in class.

The goal is not to have people plagarize work from other sources. I would rather read an unpolished discussion about an interesting topic, than read a flowery discourse with no insight.

Written papers should follow the appropriate format for research papers (MLA style), including works cited. Anything that would be acceptable in language arts class would be acceptable here.

Download Scoring Rubric in PDF

It would be great if we could get through some of the presentations before 12/22.

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