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Ideas for March 1, 2002:

Pre Calc (1st and 3rd block)

1. Today's first priority of work is to prepare yourself for the Chapter 7 Test. Please work on the Ch. 7 Review in our text.

2. We will finish the equations on p. 501 on Tuesday, but see if you can do it without me. p. 501 1-31 ALL, 33-49 skim, 51

We will test over Ch. 7 on Thursday, March 7.

Statistics (2nd Block)

1. Finish p. 164 1-28. Also turn in p. 148 #22, which I seem to have forgotten. (Whoever reads this first, please

announce to the class.)

2. On this same set, try #30. See if Mrs. Hotchkiss will allow you to shake hands in groups. Start with 2 in a group,

then 3, 4, 5, .... If you shake hands with everyone, how many handshakes will occur? There is an easy formula for any

group of n people.

3. Work on the Ch. 3 Review. We will test over Chapter 3 on Thursday, March 7.

4. You may also work on the simulation for the birthday problem. On Mon./Wed. we suggested doing this. If you go to the website shown below, mstv has a nice solution to this problem.

5. Consider this:

All Classes

I found an interesting site called If you have time to go there, here's what you'll see:

- If you select high school, you can view math and science tv. This provides some interesting info on

how stuff works. You may also take a quiz - select Royal Challenge- select grade 12-Advanced Math (at

least I would). Fill in the requested info, and you're on your way... The student's page provides some

more informational stuff. Click here to link -

NOTE: You may need to download shockwave to use this site. I found that the actual sequence needed to do this varied from machine to machine here at school. You can probably do this faster than me, just be aware that you might need it.

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