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QUIZ 7.1 - 7.3 (2/25) - I didn't say much about the quiz in class on 2/21 so I decided to add some comments.

1. Work on identities - As we did on the last quiz, I will have you fill in some blanks. Memorizing the identities is not a bad idea, but you may also derive them as needed. Your addition / subtraction identities are a good starting point.

2. Proving identities - I will only include 2 of these, just to keep you honest. I will attempt to make them as straight forward as possible. Since it's difficult to invent my own, I will most likely include some from the book.

3. Be able to find some exact values - Maybe some that involve half angles or double angles. Page 468 is a good reference, and make sure you can tell which quadrant you're in.

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