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The goal of this project is to get you to think in some detail about possible career choices and how they relate to your choice of math classes in high school. The project is very simple - just answer the questions below.

What career sounds interesting to you ?

Name a company that you would like to work for in this career field.

After making the first two decisions, make an effort to visit the company's website, or contact a person in the company. Try to get enough information to answer some basic questions:

1) Does the company hire people in your chosen career (or a related field)? What are the future job prospects in the company for this career?

2) What are the educational degree requirements to work in this career field?

3) What math classes or math abilities are required for work in this career field?

4) What is the earning potential for a person in this career field (in general, or in this company)?

5) Does the company participate in any type of work co-op agreements with educational institutions?

You may also ask any other questions that you think are important. If things work out well, you should be able to gain information that will be important to you in the future.

After completing the questions, please make an extra copy of this project. I'd like you to keep a copy and turn one in. Also list the following information:

CAREER FIELD / COMPANY: ______________________________

NAME OF CONTACT PERSON: ____________________________

YOUR NAME: ____________________________________________